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In an effort to reduce Transportation fuel costs and save tax-payer money, we will be moving towards single routing morning bus routes throughout Bulloch County.  Most areas of the county have single-routed for several years.  Parents may visit the Transportation page and click on web query to find the pickup and drop off times of the nearest stop as well as the bus number or you may have your child at their stop at 6:30AM on the first day.


Location: 219 Simons Road Statesboro, Georgia, just off Highway U.S. Highway 80 West.

Mission: Safely transport students to school each morning in a frame of mind ready to learn and return them home safely in the afternoon.

The Bulloch County Board of Education Transportation Department provides approximately 4,900 students with service to and from 16 schools. The mission of the Transportation Department is to safely transport students to school each morning in a frame of mind ready to learn and then return them home safely each afternoon.


Any student who has registered at the school and who completes paperwork to be a bus rider. Bus service for students with special needs will be provided according to their Individual Education Plan (IEP). No out-of-zone transportation is provided for any reason.


Bus stops are assigned through a software program to the nearest practical route. Stops are designated by the Transportation Department and are placed at specific locations based on the distance to the next stop and safety of the location. The bus driver can not change the location of the stop. Any changes to the location of the stop or request for a stop to be added must go through the Transportation Department first.

Frequently Asked Questions

CAN THE BUS WAIT FOR STUDENT TO GET TO THE BUS STOP? Students must be at the bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled pickup time. Once a bus has departed a stop at the designated time, it will proceed to the next scheduled stop before picking up students. Each year in the United States, bus riders are killed due to running after buses or trying to go to the next bus stop. Bulloch County does not allow drivers to pick up students unless at their designated bus stop.


WHAT TYPES OF TRAINING DO SCHOOL B U S D R I V E R S H A V E ? Our system has an outstanding safety rec- ord. Our department has been recognized by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety and the Georgia Department of Education for having an outstanding driver and student bus safety training program. All first-time school bus drivers in Bulloch County successfully complete a minimum of 24 hours of training, to include 12 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours without students and 6 hours with students. In addition all drivers must pass a Commercial Driver’s License test. Criminal background checks are conducted as well as pre-employment drug/alcohol tests. Bus drivers are subject to random drug testing as well.


WHO IS RESPOSIBLE FOR DISCIPLINE ON THE BUS? The bus driver has complete charge over the students on the bus. The rules of conduct can be found in the Student Handbook. The driver will review the rules with the students in the beginning of each school year. Students who continue to violate the rules will be written up and referred to the principal. The principal will issue the discipline deemed necessary. The principal may also suspend a students rid- ing privileges.



Students should: respect themselves and the rights of others; follow the driver’s directions the first time they are given; stay in their seats; keep all body parts and objects in the bus; refrain from pushing shoving or fighting, eating, drinking, chewing gum, spitting, smoking. Radios and electronic devices are not permitted on the bus. Riders are to adhere to the BCBOE Policy governing student conduct.


WHAT SHOULD STUDENTS DO IF THE BUS DOES NOT SHOW UP? Mechanical breakdowns occur from time to time, causing buses to run late. When this happens, parents are encouraged to call the school or the Transportation Department if they are concerned and want an update or estimated time of arrival of their child. Both locations have radio access to the drivers.



Any requests for an individual student to ride to school in the morning or home in the afternoon with a friend or a different stop other than what is on record needs to be approved by the principal of the school who will then issue a temporary bus pass for the day.



Safety standards require that no students bring on the bus any article which might create a hazard. Such articles include weapons of any kind, breakable or sharp objects, balloons, animals or insects. Band instruments and school projects can be transported if they can be held in the students lap. Items that take up seat space or block an aisle or emergency door may not be transported.



Many questions can be answered by your child's school administrators. Discipline questions should be referred to the principal of your child's school.

Key Contacts

Paul Webb, Chief Operations Officer



Janet Tanner

Transportation Supervisor



Gema Galvin

Administrative Assistant




Employment Opportunities

The Transportation Department is always seeking persons who would like to be part of our "driving force."  Drivers transport children to and from school.  Endorsements are not required. We provide training; however, we do prefer applicants with CDL P&S endorsements. Call 912.212.8645 for more information.